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Description of Our Services

Sit Right CPS Inc. is dedicated to the safety of children everywhere.  We offer a variety of services aimed at ensuring children are safe in the car, and safe at home.

Car Seat Education & Training for Caregivers

Sit Right CPS conducts individual and group training sessions to teach caregivers and others about the correct selection, installation, and use of car seats and boosters.  We also are available for mobile appointments to help caregivers install their car seats and boosters at your preferred location.


Car Seat Check Up Events

Sit Right CPS conducts dozens of car seat check up events throughout  the Central Valley every year, which are open to the public and free of charge.  See what is happening near your at our Upcoming Events page.


CPS Certification and Recertification

Sit Right CPS holds CPS Technician Certification courses several times per year throughout the Central Valley and beyond, and can assist current technicians with their bi-annual certification requirements.


CPR & First Aid Training

Sit Right CPS is a licensed training provider for the American Red Cross, and conducts training and certification in Adult and Pediatric CPR, First Aid, and AED use.  We can customize sessions for your group's individual needs!


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